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craigFUyong                                                             Artrash

create and destroy

5.25.18 - NEW WEBSITE now go to www.craigfuyong.com for up-to-date news and art trash!!

11.30.17 - Very long time since updates... sorry busy living my life. 

I recently moved across the USA from spending a lifetime in central New Jersey. I'm now living alone in Berkeley California as of September 2017. Lots of life changing shit but I absolutely love it out here. I'm totally fucking inspired!

I'm working as Art Director for a DIY record label out of the East Bay called 1986'D MUSIC INDUSTRIES and I recently designed a new website: 

Also working on a new band that I'm writing music for and singing with a working title of FRANKENKRIEG

Also my old band THE DEGENERICS played an amazing show in Brooklyn. It was nice being back east and playing such an amazing show with lots of  old and new friends. The positive power in the room was moving. I had a blast. 

And THE DEGENERICS seminal 2000 album GENERICA was just re-released on a beautiful gatefold that includes 180g vinyl, insert, one sided 7" with two songs, one unreleased!! Available directly from me via paypal craigfuyong at gmail.com $24.00ppd in USA // outside US countries go to DON GIOVANNI RECORDS

I also have a bunch of leftover DEGENERICS t-shirts for sale! This design features a detail of the gatefold LP collage (see below)  
Available directly from me via paypal craigfuyong at gmail.com $24.00ppd in USA // outside US countries


Long time since any updates... more art, music and other stuff coming soon... stay tuned. 

Here is some more recent work...

"If The Devil Had A Heart" 16x20, acrylic and marker, 2016, $333

"You Leave Me Deathless" 16x20 inches, mixed media, 2015, NOT FOR SALE

"They Die" 16x20 inches, acrylic, marker, spray, 2015, $222  RIP RRP.

2.13.15 "FORGET ME NOTS"

Before you kill yourself for spending the impending St Valentie's Day all alone, come out to this awesome group art show on Friday February 13th in Brooklyn. Maybe you'll me a nice boy named Jason or his mother Pamela... at least you'll get to see some cool art. 


I'll be showing this new piece below entitled  "Feelings, Illusions, Stupid, Feelings, Gone"

BUNKER is located at 19 Thames St., Apt. 201, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Stop by and hit the buzzer for # 201 or you can also call or text Joe Egan at 908-307-5698 or email [email protected] 

"Feelings, Illusions, Stupid, Feelings, Gone" 20 x 16 inches, mixed media on canvas, 2015, $222




"OKDK" - 16 x 20 inches, mixed media, 2014 SOLD



"Early Man....Dead Alive With Pleasure" - 18 x 14 inches, marker, ink, acrylic on canvas, 2013, $500


"Luscious Bl'ast!" - 16 x 20 inches, marker, ink, acrylic on canvas, 2013, $500

I was interviewed on a podcast recently. The episode is called "Send in the Phones". I talk about my art and bands that I've played in throughout the years. You can also listen to "Mixtape 10" with lots of Degenerics, Kamikaze and Plastic Cross music. Check it out if you care. Thanks Travis!